Life Insurance

Term - Whole Life - Universal Life?  Don't be confused.
I represent several companies on State Payroll.  Depending on your goals or the type of protection you need I can help you with recommendations.  I offer policies that guarantee your approval up to $100,000.00 regardless of health, with no exams and no health questions.  I also offer policies that do require exams.  These policies on larger amounts can save you a lot of money, if you are in good health.

Term Life is designed to give you a lot of coverage at a lower premium, but is not designed for permanent protection. Policies can last for 20 or 30 years, then the policy changes greatly...either higher rates or lower coverage.  This is a good policy if you need over $100,000 but don't need to keep it forever.  Call or email for rate quote and application - requires exam

Universal LifeWhen you buy Universal Life Insurance, you can have the protection for as long as you pay sufficient premiums.  You can keep the same premiums for an entire lifetime.  In addition, you also accumulate cash value in the policy that you can later withdraw or borrow against.  

If you have a chronic illness our UL lets you receive a living benefit each month so you have protection when you need it the most.  Universal Life can be purchased on a child or grandchild to make sure they have insurance the rest of their life at a very good rate.            Click here for rate sheet and application.

All policies I offer are portable and not affected by changes in employment

Coverage is subject to premium payment.  The amount of premium and any charges determine if lapse protection is in effect.  Loans, partial surrenders, policy changes, and delinquent premium payments will affect the length of the protection.  Lapse protection does not apply to policy value.  Consult policies for benefits, riders, limitations, and exclusions.  Most policies have a two year limitation on suicide. Policy features and riders vary by states and may not be available in all states.  Some products may not be available by payroll deduction, please request information as to what is available.  Guaranteed Approval is for a limited time and only for full time State employees (simple qualification for spouse, children and grandchildren

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